• Project type: Applied Game
  • Date: September 2014
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Platform: PC, Tablet (HTML5)
  • Role: Designer (UI, interaction)
  • Team size: 5 persons
  • Tools used: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5, CSS, JS
  • StoryLine is a tool to help children with psychological trauma tell their story at the start of a therapy course by visualizing their story. By visualizing the events that caused the trauma on a timeline, we give both the therapist and the client an opportunity to get a clear view on the story. A lot of children are finding it difficult to express themselves at the start of a therapy course. Those children likely came from difficult situations already, and don't really feel like talking about their situations to a stranger. That's why we wanted to give these children a way to tell their story without having to actually talk. The events displayed on the timeline are divided in three sections, the 'event', the 'emotions' and the 'comments'. The events are displayed at the top of the timeline items, with the emotions displayed right under them. There are two emotion slots available so that the client can display both its own emotion and the emotions of others. And finally, additional notes can be written down in the comment section. These comments offer a place for the client to write down some additional information about the situation of emotions filled in above. StoryLine was entered in the ICTalent awards, and was awarded a second place.