• Project type: Prototype
  • Date: November 2013
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Platform: Windows
  • Role: Game Design
  • Team size: Solo
  • Tools used: Game Maker, Audacity, Reaper
  • Ghost is a personal project I started back in November 2013, and let's you play as a ghost or spirit who has to fight off other spirits and demons to find what he has lost. After doing some projects for and with others, I wanted to create a full game by myself. I see it as a little test to see wheter I can go indie or not. [Update:] I choose to stop working on this concept because people were a tad confused by some of the mechanics. I might continue once I figure out how to solve these problems. Ghost is a action, adventure game. It has some RPG elements, as well as some rogue-like gameplay. I wanted to create a game somewhere in between an RPG and a shoot-'em-up, while keeping the key features of those two genre's as they were ment.

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