Unnamed turn-based stategy game

  • Project type: Prototype
  • Date: Present
  • Duration: In development
  • Platform: PC, Android(??)
  • Role: Game designer, game developer
  • Team size: Solo
  • Tools used: Unity 3D, Monodevelop, Audacity, Reaper, Photoshop
  • I have been working on this game since I graduated from my IT & game design study, and is my first big project I have been working on. Since most of the projects on my portfolio are very simple prototypes, I wanted to show of my skills in one big project. While I am writing this, the game is still in development and is currently just a proof of concept of the various game mechanics that are going to be used in the game. I am going to update this entry whenever I push a major update. For more updates check out the tumblr blog I'm keeping while developing this game.