Garden Goo

  • Project type: Game jam entry
  • Date: March 2015
  • Duration: +/- week
  • Platform: Windows
  • Role: Game Design
  • Team size: Solo
  • Tools used: Game Maker, Photoshop, Audacity, Reaper
  • Garden Goo is a game I made in my spare time last week (march 2015 somewhere). I submitted this game in the one game a month challenge since this game was made in under a week. I might use the rest of the month to further develop this game and add some more levels or mechanics. Garden Goo is a small turn-based puzzle game where you play an angry goo who wants to eat all the delicious blue goo's while avoiding the angry red goo's. The game was mend to be a mini game with just a few simple mechanics in there, just to keep myself busy for a while. That's why I chose to limit myself (and the level design as well) to a tiny screen size of 240 x 160 pixels, to ensure that I'd make the game mechanics the center point of this game.

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